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Part Number:038 906 012 FD 1 ALH AUTO

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Performance Tuned ECU

We have coupled with DOMAN8 Performance to offer pre loaded ECU's. We here at Chunky Monkey Parts prefer an OEM+ approach to performance. These performance tuned ECU's offer a blend of using your factory hardware with the added performance that your vehicle is capable of. Resulting in a "this should have come from the factory this way" feeling. In most cases there is an increase in fuel mileage and in all cases a definite increase in power. This ECU is loaded with the following:

ECU Part Number:  038 906 012 FD

Engine: 1.9L ALH TDI AUTOMATIC Transmission ONLY

Stage: 1 (+/- 40HP and 60TQ)

Other Add on's: IMMO off , Dynamic Idle , Dynamic EGR

If you have any questions, or would like to sell your stock ECU please feel free to contact us at or DOMAN8 Performance

Want more from your car? Have upgraded hardware? DOMAN8 Performance offers more stages of software! Contact them for details on how to obtain Stage 2 or higher. 

DOMAN8 Performance Facebook Page

Terms and Conditions Of Sale

1. Your ECU part number must match, along with Engine and transmission. This avoids any problems with installation of the ECU, or proper operation of the vehicle.

 2. As the customer, I hereby represent that I have read and completed the required procedures and checks associated with proper operation of my vehicle and that I have full authority to install any and all parts associated with the engine control module (ECU or ECM)

3. I am aware that all tuning is intended to be a step up from a stock operation and will thusly apply more stress on the turbocharger, engine and possibly other components.

4. As the customer, I know and accept the risk of having a tuned ECU installed. I am full well and understanding that these modifications are intended for off road use only.  These tunes are intended for off-road purposes only and are not compliant with emissions standards and regulations.

5. As the customer, I hereby represent that I know the condition of my vehicle as well as all its components and I assure that everything is in acceptable condition to have the vehicle's software upgraded.

6. By clicking that you have read and agree to the terms of sale. I the customer  hereby release DOMAN8 Performance, Chunky Monkey Parts, all or any of the employee's or owners thereof from any and all liability, responsibility or cause of action arising from the installation or use of any aforementioned products.

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