Value Race Pipe for 1.9L PD 150 & 130 Intake Manifolds

Value Race Pipe for 1.9L PD 150 & 130 Intake Manifolds

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Value Race Pipe for PD 150 & PD 130 Intake Manifolds

No glitz, or glam about it this basic race pipe gets the job done.

Does not fit stock ALH, AHU intake manifolds

This kit includes:

  • 57 MM Race pipe with boost tap
  • Plug and barbed fitting for use with or without boost gauge
  • Block off plate and gasket
  • 3 mounting screws
  • 1 O Ring
  • 1 Gear Clamp

*use of gasket maker not included maybe used instead of the included o ring*

**Installation support is not available for this item**

Manufactured in China

Terms and Conditions Of Sale

1. The use of this item is intended for Off Road Use only. You may not be able to pass an emissions test with this item installed.

2. This item can cause a check engine light. Proper engine tuning to eliminate the check engine light is required.

3. By clicking that you have read and agree to the terms of sale. I the customer  hereby release Chunky Monkey Parts, all or any of the employee's or owners thereof from any and all liability, responsibility or cause of action arising from the installation or use of any aforementioned products.


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