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GIBONTA Injector Nozzles ALH & AHU 1.9L TDI

GIBONTA Injector Nozzles ALH & AHU 1.9L TDI

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GIBONTA VE Performance Injector Nozzles Set of 4 individual Nozzles

These nozzles are sourced from Darkside Developments in the United Kingdom.  These high quality nozzles offer performance and quality at an affordable price.

These nozzles are for 1.9L TDI engines found in 1998 – 2003 Volkswagen Golf, Jetta, and New Beetle models. Engine codes : 1Z AHU or ALH

These nozzles feature:   

  • Highest quality European made nozzles
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • High quality meaning a perfect idle and minimal smoke output
  • DLC 'Diamond like Carbon' Coated and ULSD Rated Nozzles providing a significantly improved life over a non DLC nozzle

Estimated power figures with a (stock 5 speed) 10mm Injection Pump

0.210 - 145bhp

0.220 - 165bhp

0.260 - 205bhp

Darkside Development’s suggests that a .220 nozzle will drop right into a 90hp (ALH, AHU , 1Z) Engine almost smoke free without the need for a re-tune and are also perfect to max out the stock turbo once re-mapped.

Comes with sealing washers.

Terms of Sale

VE Injector Nozzles should only be fitted to Injector Bodies by a professional. These are NOT do it yourself install parts. Incorrect 1st and 2nd Stage pressure settings can cause rough idle and excessive smoke output. Chunky Monkey Parts accepts no responsibility for this product or any other parts damaged as a result of fitting these nozzles yourself.

*This item may incure a delay in shipping up to 3 business days*

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